Full Service Bicycle

Full Service Bicycle

Service Tune Packages

From quick, minor adjustments, to full overhauls and everything in between – think Full Service – for all of your bicycle service, maintenance and upgrade needs!

The Details:

Free Safety Inspection with all Service Tune Packages – Includes inspection of tires, wheels and rim surfaces, brakes and pads or shoes, cables & housing, brake lines, inspect frame and fork for cracks, check all bolts and fasteners, check drive train for wear and inflate tires.

Cleaning Your Bicycle – All Service Tune Packages above a Quick Tune include some degree of bike wipe-down or cleaning, the more extensive the tune – the more intensive the cleaning. Ask us for additional details!

We offer many additional Adjustment, Tune and Overhaul Packages – Including packages with hydraulic brake bleeds, suspension service, packages optimized for specific road, mountain and race bicycle types and disciplines, and an extensive service menu. Drop in with your bike!

Many Ala-Carte Services to suit your needs – every Service can be custom tailored for Your Bike! Ask us!

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Full Service Bicycle